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A bottle of cannabidiol oil sits on the counter as Barista Danielle Martinec pours espresso into a cup for a hot CBD oil latte at Grounds Coffee Bar on Friday, June 8, 2018 in Crystal Lake. The coffee shop has been offering the lattes for about a week and has been selling between 10-15 each weekday. Brent Hollenberg, co-owner with his wife Megan, attributes the popularity of the latte to word-of-mouth and online promotion, such as Facebook. Hollenberg uses the cannabidiol (CBD) oil to calm his three children, but notes that a lot of people use it to relieve anxiety and treat seizures, as well as to tame rambunctious pets. Each latte contains approximately 12.5 mg of the oil, which he orders from a shop in Colorado that tests it multiple times before sale.

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