20160917 - Rick Carone (hrb) - nwherald


Daryl Quitalig - For Shaw Media
Rick Carone (left) gives a baseball bat he received from San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence to Cary-Grove baseball coach Don Sutherland, who was his coach back in his high school days, at Cary-Grove High School Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016. Carone used that bat at AT&T Park this past July during a batting practice, and later that same day, Pence used that exact bat to hit a home run. At a later game, Pence brought the bat to Wrigley Field, where he delivered it to Carone. Carone has been battling pancreatic cancer since May 2013 and these past few years he has done a cancer fundraiser, "BP for a Cause," where he goes to major league ballparks and takes batting practice with the teams. He recently visited U.S. Cellular Field and the White Sox and on Thursday, Sept. 22, he will visit Miller Park in Milwaukee.