20150307 - Veteran Equine - nwherald


Daryl Quitalig - For Shaw Media
Volunteer Sarah Gonnet, of Schaumburg, directs a horse through "Temptation Alley" at an equestrian therapy session hosted by Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. in Woodstock, Ill Saturday, March 7, 2015. In this activity, the participant attempts to get a horse to walk a particular route which has a number of obstacles along the way and pieces of food which the horse must resist eating. Along the way, they experience successes and obstacles to success, which the horse would not be able to overcome without outside help. This is similar to challenges and obstacles in human lives. Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. is a Woodstock area not-for-profit that is dedicated to helping all our Veterans, Healing Heroes, Wounded Warriors and their families through equestrian therapy.