20150307 - Veteran Equine - nwherald


Daryl Quitalig - For Shaw Media
Robin Skierka (far left), U.S. Air Force Veteran and Board member, of Madison, Wisc., and Keith French (far right), U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Board Member, take direction by SSG Mike McGonigal (second from left), of Crystal Lake, and volunteer Janet Piazza, of Palatine, respectively, on saddling up a horse during the activity "Extended Appendages" at an equestrian therapy session hosted by Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. in Woodstock, Ill. Saturday, March 7, 2015. McGonical acted as the one half of the brain, directing Skierka, his "arm," while Piazza the other half of the brain directed French. The arms could not take any direction from the opposite side of the brain, nor, could they speak any thoughts. Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. is a Woodstock area not-for-profit that is dedicated to helping all our Veterans, Healing Heroes, Wounded Warriors and their families through equestrian therapy.