20130327 - Robotics Team Fruit Salad (KG) - nwherald


Kyle Grillot - kgrillot@shawmedia.com

Members of Fruit Salad, a robotics team, including Kristen Anderson, 15, (from left) Sidney Dickinson, 13, Audrey Godsell, 14, Theresa Grivas, 13, Julia Freund, 13, and Caroline Rausch, 14, demonstrate how their robot performs various missions on a competition table Thursday in Crystal Lake. The group will be going to Spain at the end of May to compete in an international competition after qualifying during a state competition. The group programs the robot to perform various sequences to complete missions on top of the table. The girls will have 2 1/2 minutes to complete as many missions as possible, as they are scored on each move.