20150829 - LL Feech (MA) - nwherald


Matthew Apgar - mapgar@shawmedia.com
Carson Trivellini of Crystal Lake, 6, throws baseballs back to the mound as he practices baseball one-on-one with the coach of his Crystal Lake Little League Rockies team at Ken Bird Park on Saturday, August 29, 2015 in Lake In The Hills. Their first game of the season was rained out earlier in the day, but that did not stop Carson from wanting to play ball. Carson got some swings in and some well-hit balls despite some brush-back pitches from his coach. "What, are you trying to bean me?" Carson joked, laughing it off. His coach, Mark Trivellini, is also his dad and laughed at his son's remark, offering up two encouraging words to make the best of a bad pitch--"good eye."