20150819 - Homeless Couple (MA) - nwherald


Matthew Apgar - mapgar@shawmedia.com
Edward Sylwestrzak sits on a bench at the train station in Woodstock on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. He and wife Elizabeth often spend their days talking with each other and any passersby that stops to chat. With no transportation except for their own two feet, it becomes difficult for them and many of the county's homeless population to take advantage of the free 6pm dinners offered by McHenry County PADS Homeless Services, located on Kishwaukee Valley Road, nearly two miles walking distance from the Woodstock Square Historic District. Public transportation via the PACE bus only includes the location on select trips at 8:33am and 3:55pm on weekdays, leaving them no option but to walk to wherever they can find to spend the night.