20150406 - CL Tornado Richard Woosnam - nwherald


H. Rick Bamman - hbamman@shawmedia.com
Richard Woosnam was living in Orchard Acres on the day the tornado hit. He was outside showing his 2 year old son the hail that was hitting just before the tornado hit. He heard what he thought was a large low flying jet to the south west of our house. He told his son to stay in the garage while He quickly ran around the house to the back yard. He saw parts of houses floating in the air. He had difficulty understanding what was happening at first, but realized that the large cloud was a tornado. He ran back to get his son in the house, told his wife to grab their 2 month old daughter, and headed to the basement. They got under a large table just as the tornado hit their house. At first, the noise was loud, and their ears popped due to the pressure drop. They heard glass breaking and wood cracking. It then got silent. For a while they did not know whether to leave the basement, or would more tornadoes come through. He left his wife and kids in the basement and went up the stairs. Again, your mind can't comprehend such damage.